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'Red Hour is a captivating compendium of speculative stories — fantastic tales that embody lurking horrors: unease with the demeanour of the human race, distrust in our environment, fear of our darkest emotions. Stories that are nevertheless imbued with hope: the flash of the exotic, the silhouette of transmogrification, the shadow of revenge, and the phlogiston of an end to unfairness in all its guises.' — Ion Newcombe (Editor, AntipodeanSF)


'Australia has its own kind of magic.
From witches to spirits of the land, Pamela Jeffs has gathered nineteen magical 

stories on transformation for her story collection debut. Red Hour is filled with a strong focus on plot twists and reversals. A fisherman becomes the catch. A hunter the hunted. Time loops change history only for cracks to appear.

The writing is sharp. For time poor readers who want a complete story with a beginning, middle and end on the bus, tram or train trip to work, this is the book for you. Some stories are very short, minor portraits in words. Others flesh out the world and leave a sense that the story might be an opening chapter in a novel. No matter the length, each story contains a good hook, a consequence of actions and a compulsion to turn the page.

Characters drive each story with their personal quest. The backdrop reimaginings of Australia are beautifully described, yet restrained enough to not distract. There's a real sense of karmic justice in the tales. ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘The Fallen’ and ‘Waking Io’ are all standouts. In them Jeffs shows a knack for highlighting human nature, both good and destructive, as well as incorporating strange magic, science and gods.

A book to read in the Red Hour.'

— Aurealis Magazine - (Reviewer: Chris Foster)

'The moment I started reading, I was immediately drawn into the story and it kept me turning the pages. Pamela is definitely a speculative fiction writer to watch out for.' 

— A.M. Rycroft (Author of 'Into the Darkness')

'Pamela Jeffs has crafted a gripping set of tales, steeped in mystery and intrigue.

Her stories certainly warrant exploration.'

— R.D Gennari (Author of 'Battle for Skeptron')

" The stories are drawing me on and are gripping in their unknowability."

— T. Buisman (Reader)


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