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Image by Sarah Bradford Photography


I’m a speculative fiction author who lives in Queensland, Australia. Daughter to a Greek immigrant mother and an Australian father I’m proud of my mixed heritage. An early childhood living on rural properties fostered in me an active imagination and also meant I learnt at a young age how to wrangle the fierce wildlife that dwelt among my mother’s olive trees—mainly kookaburras.


While most at home in natural settings, I have a strong background in Interior Architecture and the design of built environments. I delight in applying my unique skill base to the creation of believable settings that support and inform my speculative worlds and characters.


I grew up watching Star Trek and The X-Files, hence my love for all things weird and spacey. Dana Scully is my hero! In recent years I’ve dedicated myself to short fiction and novellas but you never know what the future holds, so hold on for the ride. My works span science fiction, weird westerns, fantasy and the occasional horror tale.  


My work has won or been shortlisted for various awards including multiple Australian Aurealis and Ditmar Awards and has also been noted several times in the Writers of the Future Award. I have multiple published short story collections and have co-authored an anthology. My work has also featured in various national and international publications including Andromeda Spaceways Magazine and Aurealis Magazine.


Welcome to my website. Feel free to explore!


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